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What Is Included In Carpet Installation Prices?

Carpet Installation PricesMany factors affect carpet installation prices. When you are in need of new carpet, keep these factors in mind.

Currently, with the construction slow down, there are many carpet installers looking for work to keep their families fed. If you can afford carpet installation right now, you may find some of the best prices that have been available for many years.

Carpet installation prices also according to region. In the southern tier of states, from southern California to Florida, carpet installation prices are relatively cheap. In some of these states, you can have carpet installed for as little as two dollars per yard. The farther north you go, the more expensive carpet installation becomes. In the northern tier of states, you will pay much more than this. In fact, you normal installation in the northern states is five to six dollars per yard.

If you intend to have stairs carpeted, you can add an additional seventy-five dollars to the cost of carpet installation. If carpeting the stairs involves patterned carpet that must be matched, you will pay even more.

Carpet installers will charge for any work needed before they can start the installation too. If they must move furniture, repair subflooring or remove old carpet, you will pay more. You will also be charged for disposal of old carpets. Tearing out old carpet and pad can add from fifty cents to three dollars per yard to the price of installation. Other prep work can add fifty dollars per person working per hour to the carpet installation cost.

If you want to save on these costs, you want to move furniture before the carpet installers are scheduled to arrive. You can also remove old carpet and padding yourself and take care of the disposal. Floors should be swept clean so that the installers are ready to roll out carpet when they arrive.

If you are doing a new carpet installation, the installers will need to add new tack strip for the carpet. On wood floors, this can add another twenty-five to fifty cents per yard to installation charges and on concrete floors, it can add as much as another dollar per yard to the installation costs.

Most modern carpets need to be stretched extremely taut. This stretching requires use of a power stretcher. The knee kick stretchers are useful in smaller rooms, but in larger family rooms and living rooms, make sure that the power stretcher is used. Carpets that are stretched correctly last longer.

Where carpets meet with another flooring surface is a transition. Transitions may be a simple metal strip designed to hold the carpet in place and fold over the edge for a finished look or hardwood. The metal transitions are the least expensive and the hardwood transitions can add considerably to the cost of the carpet.

If your new carpet is thicker than the old one, then your doors may need to be trimmed in order to open correctly over the new carpeting. If the carpet installer trims the doors, you can expect to pay from ten to fifty dollars per door, so be sure that you have determined the price before the doors are trimmed.

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Carpet Installation Prices Are An Important Consideration

Carpet installation prices can vary greatly. This is especially so, if you purchase your carpets from the people who will be installing them. It is important to know that you have an option here. Just because a company that sells carpet, also offers the installation, does not mean that you must follow this procedure. Many people prefer to hire their own contractor, or sub-contractor to perform the installation.

Before agreeing to allow a company or individual to install your new carpets, you must do some homework. You will definitely want to check with others who have employed this company in the past. Do not ever be afraid to ask for references, and contact them. Remember, this is your hard earned money, and you want it to be put to good use.

Check with the Better Business Bureau to see that a company has a good reputation. The BBB will likely be aware of any negative business deals that a company has been involved in. They may also have information about a company which has an excellent reputation.

Ask any potential carpet installer for proof of insurance. Otherwise, if there is a problem with any type of liability, you will be responsible to report this to your homeowner’s insurance.

Shop around. Just because you have asked someone to take a look at your job, to see if they are qualified, and interested, does not mean that you must automatically use them for this job. You should check with several different companies, in order to find the most acceptable arraignment, and the best carpet installation prices.

Make sure that any contractor that you are considering hiring, knows exactly what is expected of them. Also be sure to discuss the exact price of the finished job, before the carpet installation begins. Remember, in business, there may be an estimate on a job, however, there is no estimate on hourly wage, cost per foot, etc… Always have a written contract, which has been signed by both you, and the contractor. Be sure that this contract states that you must be notified in writing, and agree, before any changes may be made.

Generally, the carpet installation cost will be about $3.00 to $4.50 per square foot. This price will not include removal of an existing carpet, or installation of a carpet pad. Removal of old carpet will usually cost about fifty cents a square foot, as will the installation of a carpet pad. You must add these costs when figuring the final price of you carpet installation.

Whatever you do, do not measure the area to be carpeted, yourself. There is no room for error here. Improper measurements will leave you with unusable carpet, and unnecessary expense. A professional will understand that there is extra material that must be allowed for, in order to install your carpet properly. Always have the area measured by the installer. Carpet installation prices are an important consideration, in the final cost of finishing a room. Knowing what to expect, will make choosing an installer easier.

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