Hiring Carpet Installers – How To Find Reliable Companies

Anyone who has ever had wall to wall carpeting has come to the point where it needed to be replaced. The sheer magnitude of the project, the expense, the uncertainty of what to expect, and trying to find someone who will complete the project on time and on budget is sometimes too much to handle. Individuals either react to bad prior experiences or they hear horror stories from friends and families about theirs. Have no fear – hiring carpet installers can be much easier than you think.

First, ask for referrals. There are web based companies that specialize in contractors and home improvement specialists. The people have been verified and credentialed and in some instances, they have even undergone background checks. These sites allow customers to rate the service they receive from the contractors and can provide personal contact information because they are happy to provide a reference.

Carpet installers usually are not required to have a license but anyone doing this for income should at least have registered their business with the state. If you talk to someone about putting carpeting down, ask for proof they are allowed to do business in your state. Otherwise, find someone else. If people don’t want the state to know they are running a business, something is wrong – and it has nothing to do with taxes.

A few companies will come out to your house with books of samples and help you select what you need. This is a stupendous service that usually has no cost or obligation. Take advantage of this whenever possible because they will be able to recommend fabrics in price ranges that will suit your current needs. This type of professional has even studied color combinations and design. They can be an enormous help in your final selection.

Most installers won’t move furniture. Before committing to an install date, make sure you have a way to get everything out of the room(s) prior to the carpet installation. When multiple rooms are being done, this can indeed be a pain in the neck. It’s for this reason that many installers will refuse one day installation for multiple rooms. Just moving furniture can take hours away from the end result.

Before deciding on a carpet installer, make sure he understands the terms and conditions under which he will perform the work. Never hand anyone cash to start the project or buy the materials. If they don’t take credit cards, find someone else. Your only recourse when it comes to faulty work or incomplete projects is to alert your credit card company who will more than likely issue you a refund. Nothing hurts a contractor like loss of revenue.

Also understand how he pays his workers. In some states it’s legal for a contractor or his employees to put a lien on your home if they aren’t paid. This includes his employees whom he has not paid, even if you paid the contractor. Make certain he has paid his employees and helpers as he promised.

Also make sure they have insurance. If someone falls or staples his thumb to the ground you don’t want to be held responsible. Put it in writing that you will not be held responsible for injuries that occur while they work. (If your dog attacks someone, that’s different. You’re in trouble!)

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